Quotas from 01 April to 30 June 2015

Each local authority’s quota for the next quarter can be found on the Downloads page of this website.   The numbers are identical to those of last quarter, having used the same system of basing them on the number of private sector houses in our boroughs and then applying a minimum of £40,000 and a maximum of £60,000.   In addition we will always find extra money for small emergency loans.

The system works better for some local authorities than it does for others (a few have overspent but the majority have underspent) and I will put this on the agenda to discuss at the AGM next month.   If anyone has ideas to improve the system please let me know or, althnatively, tell the person who will be attending the AGM on behalf of your authority.

I suspect that, by the time we perfect the quota system, we will receive sufficient funding to make quotas redundant.

Posted 01 April 2015

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